by Taylor Vesper

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Second full length album.


released May 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Taylor Vesper Vancouver, British Columbia

Indie Alternative fresh out from Vancouver, BC.

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Track Name: Hey
If I say hey,
will you answer back?
If I say hey,
Will my help still lack?
'Cause I've been longing to close.

If you say hey,
would my heart turn black?
If i pass today,
Would we bestow, or go back true?
'Cause I've been longing for truth.
And I've been wronging for truth.
Track Name: Low
Oh how long did it take to lose what I left you?
'Cause I don't need rest, I need sleep.
But I don't need breath, I need heat.
The last of what I had is still wrapped round your neck,
And I'm sure he is too.

Wake in the morning the first thing I ask is how low,
How low is the pit I fold.
And how many times have I rolled.
These winds came along and they stripped all the skin from my bones,
And I'm alone with my hands in rows,
My head set in stone,
My head state still Low.
Track Name: Friend
Look me eye to eye,
I'll tell you what you need to hear.
Listen to the thoughts and fears.
It's taken years, it got us here.
At least we made it through.
The blue I see in your eyes is brown to others.
I can just tell,
grip is on my stomach,
the rain is falling down.
But I won't leave until the said is in stone.

And it's hard to notice when no one is around,
so I thank you for that.
I've grown to know this distant sound,
grown to know this distant sound,
before the heart attacks.
Track Name: Frostbite
Put my depths inside yours,
You might know it's me.
No head-space to restore,
The place I've seen.

In another time frame,
Foreign to me,
And of all the things I thought I'd never say,
This time the frostbite met my faith.

But maybe if you passed me sometime ago,
We could share a name.
The grey leaves were once gold but now they've rot.
They've rot from the winter cold,
and who knows what winter holds.
Track Name: Episode
How could I have known that my selfless regret was the stop?
That my patience and nerves were the rock,
that I stood tall upon.
How'd you know I was here?
How'd I know that you made the mistake?
How'd I know that he had took my place?
Where I called home.

The calls that I answered, the ones that you didn't.
Was just a reminder you won't be forgiven, It's true.

How could I have known you're the one out of six in the chamber?
Knots that untied out of nature.
I looked tall upon.
Why's this wage so unclear?
How'd I know that I had under steered?
Why'd the colours I'd seen disappear?
About since Long Gone.

Over and over,
silent not sober,
I am the ghost that brought on all this horror of you.
The horror was you.
Track Name: Lighthouse
Like a lighthouse is on the coast,
Invisible's a principal of what I have become,
waiting for the sun up above and
Don't you know I'm incapable of all the plans I'd made years ago,
and the crossroads I'd come to face.

But if I look closely I can see my tombstone,
sprouted from nothing just as I have.
Avoiding the slumber to save it.
Save myself from the bottom I've been living.

I've grown to know my other half,
fall apart, wake up, restart all over again,
It's just like yesterday.

My lighthouse is on the way towards the bottom,
So make the stop, I'll try to walk myself without a break.
I'll walk myself without a break.
Track Name: Alone with You
I miss wandering my thoughts alone with you,
just like we used to.
But now seams seem farther and hard to keep.
And it's hard to sleep.
I never put down the photograph of the one day we walked the seawall.
And I can't help but blame myself for everything you've done.
Track Name: Waves
I just wanna vibe and send them all your way.
Lively I can strive and ride upon these waves.
I'll play abroad, along a main stay.
I've got this feeling that won't go away.
No it won't go.